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In order to make your recruitment experience a more enjoyable one, you will have a Pi Chi, or recruitment counselor, to help you along. There are about 43 Pi Chis. Each Pi Chi is a sorority member who has separated herself from her sorority during Summer so that she will be prepared to objectively counsel you as you participate in recruitment.

Each Pi Chi will have a group of 15 to 20 potential members. The Pi Chi will serve as a guide to this small group and she will help make recruitment a more manageable experience for you. Even if you don’t pledge, the friends that you make through your Pi Chi and your Pi Chi group will make recruitment worthwhile.

Part of what makes your Pi Chi a worthy confidante is that she is disaffiliated from her sorority so that you can freely share your thoughts with her. It is a secret which sorority she is a member of. The most important thing she wants you to know is that she is a member of Panhellenic and that each of our Panhellenic groups is great. She will reveal her affiliation to you at the very end of the week, so don’t spoil the fun by trying to find out which sorority she belongs to before the time has arrived.



Meg Abrams, 2021

The new faces you meet during Pi Chi interviews and throughout the experience will become your closest pals. Meeting the girls that are in your Pi Chi group is exciting. You become connected, attached, and determined to ensure their recruitment/ college experience is perfect. Shout out to my perfect Group 1. It is especially when girls in your group choose to join your organization. I loved being a Pi Chi so much that I applied again for the 2022 recruitment season. After I was accepted, I had the honor of being appointed to be the Recruitment Counselors Director. Working with Grace Weeks to lead the best Pi Chis was an experience I will never forget. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and living vicariously through Pi Chis as they thrived in their roles! It made my heart so happy to hear how much they enjoyed the process and fell in love with Pi Chi Land. 

Joran Alexis, 2022

I wanted to be a Pi Chi because I remembered how scary it was going through recruitment and not knowing anyone. I know that I have a welcoming and outgoing personality, so I wanted these girls to feel like they had a friend during recruitment since it can be quite intimidating. i also wanted to reassure them that this experience was about them and no one else. They should really stick to their gut and not let others influence their decision! Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe there is a home for everyone as long as you give it a chance. 

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