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What to Wear and What to bring to Formal Recruitment:

Written by Addison Hoard


What should you wear during Formal Recruitment?

Creating outfits for recruitment is one of the fun things you get to do while getting ready to go through formal recruitment as a potential new member. Use your outfits as a fun way to express your personality. During this week you will get to know all the amazing women and chapters that our campus has to offer. But what if you do not know what to wear? Well, this blog is here to help you figure out what you should wear during each day of recruitment as well as what to pack in your bag for the week of.

Each day of recruitment is different with the first day being orientation, then philanthropy, sisterhood, and preference. Orientation and philanthropy are the more casual days while sisterhood and preference are more business/semi casual. Below is a more in-depth guide on what outfits are preferred for each round.


This day is a casual day. During this day you will be meeting the presidents, and/or the vice presidents of recruitment for each individual chapter, as well as members of Panhellenic and Fraternity and Sorority Life overall.

Recommended: cute sets, shorts, tanks, t-shirts, work-out clothes, sneakers, anything you are comfortable in.

Not recommended: vulgar clothing, anything illegal.


In this round you will talk to all 7 of the chapters on campus and will learn about their philanthropy and about the sorority overall. You will be provided with a shirt for this day which you can find on the KSU Panhellenic Instagram (@ksupanhellenic) or on the Pinterest board under ‘Philanthropy.’

Recommended: comfy/cute shorts, casual skirt, simple jewelry, sneakers, sandals.

Not recommended: any major alterations to the shirt, anything revealing, anything illegal or vulgar.

Note: You may not cut or altercate your shirt in any way.


This day is a more semi-casual day where you will get to know the sisters of the chapter more in-depth and learn about each chapter's sisterhood and bond. On this day you can talk to max 5 chapters.

Recommended: nice shorts, nice skirt, blouses, cute dress, business pants, nice sneakers, sandals, flats, heals, etc.

Not recommended: vulgar clothing, anything illegal, slides/flip-flops.


This day is the most formal and personal day during the recruitment process. On this day you will talk to max 2 chapters. In this round, you will have the chance to make deep connections with the chapters you visit and visualize yourself as a member in their chapter.

Recommended: business pants, nice dress, business shirts, heals, nice boots, flats.

Not recommended: vulgar clothing, anything illegal, slides/flip-flops.


Last day, best day! This day you will be running home to a sorority! You will be given a shirt from the chapter for you to wear on bid day so something easy to remove is what is best. Bid Day takes place outside, please come prepared for the hot weather.

Recommended: breathable shorts, running shorts, easy to take off shirt, sneakers, anything that will be comfy and not make you hot.

Not recommended: vulgar clothing, anything illegal, slides/flip-flops so you do not trip running home.

Remember to wear anything you feel comfortable and confident in!

Attached below will be a link to a Pinterest board with inspiration for recruitment outfits!

What should you wear during Formal Recruitment?

We encourage you to bring only the essentials while going through formal recruitment. Some of those include water, a snack, personal hygiene materials, make-up wipes, and anything that you are required to have due to personal reasons. If you plan to wear heels one of the days, we’d recommend bringing another pair of comfy shoes to change into before, in-between, and after the rounds. Alongside the shoes if you'd like to bring an extra pair of comfy clothes to change into after the rounds that is perfectly fine as there will be places to change on campus. Just be sure anything you bring is appropriate to bring, do not bring in anything illegal or harmful to others.

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