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What to expect & wear! - A pre-COVID Panhellenic Recruitment

Congratulations! Hopefully you're reading this because you decided to go through recruitment at Kennesaw State University or maybe you're still on the fence about it, and that's ok. There are so many amazing chapters to explore during this week and you might be nervous and feel un-prepared. When I came to Kennesaw I knew absolutely nothing about what to expect, So, I am here to help you better understand what to expect from rush!


1. A very long day

  • You will be visiting all 7 of our different Panhellenic chapters on your first day - sisterhood rounds. This can become extremely exhausting because in each party you speak to about 2-3 sisters for about 45 minutes. Don't worry, this sounds like a really long time to talk to a stranger but they've been preparing for this for about 6 months so they have -hopefully- been taught how to carry the conversation to make the most of it.

2. Your feet and voice will probably hurt

  • After talking for more than 6 hours and standing up that whole time you will be uncomfortable. Be sure to wear some semi-comfortable shoes so you won't be distracted during parties.

3. It might be awkward and that's ok

  • Honestly I'm just gonna say it..., rush is kind of weird sometimes!! If you're like me and had no idea what it was going to be like you might find it uncomfortable to talk about yourself all day to like 15 strangers. Luckily for you, you'll be surrounded by about 50 other girls who are going through the exact same experience. Make yourself comfortable with talking about yourself, your interests and what you want from the experience.

4. A million and 1 questions, or 5.

  • Sisters are likely to ask you the same basic 5 questions each round to start. Where are you from, what did you do in high school, are you enjoying recruitment etc. It can get annoying and repetitive but this is how we will get to know you! We need to know the basics but you can use that as an opportunity to tell more about yourself. Don't be afraid to go into detail when speaking about yourself, I promise the more open you are with the sisters the better chance you have at getting a bid. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO -humbly- BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF!!! We want to know; what makes you unique, amazing things you've done in the past, things you want to do in your life, values and morals, ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU, YOU.

  • It IS NOT GOOD if you talk the whole party about the commons. Getting your conversation started with small talk is ok but you should talk about real things during this time. If you leave having only talked about taco bell, the chapter will know nothing about you which can cause you not to be called back.

5. Being told to be quiet a lot.

  • Pi Chi's will lead you around the campus on your first day to get you to each party. Before each party you will be required to stand in a specific order and be quiet. Now, considering it's a group of about 500 women all around the same age - it's hard to get people to be quiet. This means they're going to be telling y'all to be quiet about every five seconds.

6. Suicide Bid

  • If you hear people talking about doing a suicide bid it means they plan to only list one sorority on their MRABA. This is technically allowed however it is not recommended and severely diminishes your chances of getting a bid. There are so many behind-the-scenes technicalities when it comes to MRABA's that it is just best to give yourself as many options as possible.

7. To look back on the best decision of your college experience.

  • It might all sound kind of scary but going greek was the best decision I made in college. You get to experience benefits from genuine friendships to leadership skills and opportunities.


1. Day 1 - Sisterhood

  • The day after orientation will be your first day of rounds/speaking with sisters. You will talk about the sisterhood's values, sisterhood events, and how their connection is with other sisters. It's a good idea to ask the sister questions so that you can find more out from their point of view. This day will be a day for sisters to hi light their friendships and events.

  • Questions for Sisterhood day

  1. What are y'all looking for in a member?

  2. What things do you do together outside of the chapter?

  3. What is your big sister little sister program like **PLEASE ASK THIS THEY'RE ALL SO VERY DIFFERENT SO YOU NEED TO ASK***

  4. How do you balance school and ___ sorority?

  5. Ask about social events!

  • HELPFUL TIP - Treat each new party with the same energy and attention! Sisters are giving you the same energy all day long so be respectful and give them your best self! Just because you didn't see them until the end of the day doesn't mean that couldn't be your sorority! Stay strong all day so that you can know you did everything within your power to get your mutual choice sorority.


Sisterhood is all about being your normal cute & trendy self!

2. Day 2 - Philanthropy

  • Day 2 focuses on each chapters philanthropy. You will get to hear about why they love their philanthropy and how much they have raised for their respective causes. It is important that you really pay attention to these as well because you will become very involved with the philanthropy if you become a sister. DO NOT join a sorority if you dislike their cause because you WILL be required to do different events and fundraising for it if you become a sister. It can get a little weird if you don't have a personal connection but asking sisters questions can help.

  • Questions for Philanthropy day

  1. What events do you hold on campus to support your philanthropy?

  2. How do you support others chapters philanthropies? *(remember were a community, support is important!!)

  3. How do you raise money for the philanthropy?

  4. Does the campus support your efforts?

  5. In what other ways do you get involved with the philanthropy other than donations?


KSU Panhellenic will give you a shirt on orientation to wear during Philanthropy rounds. You can wear your preference of bottoms to match!

3. Day 3 - Preference

  • Pref night has a very serious mood and is unlike the other days. This day will be very much focused on you, the PNM, and how your experience has gone. This is the last chance you will have to speak to your favorite chapters. You will see a max of 2 and a minimum of 1 chapter this day. You should focus on finding out how you would fit in if you joined that chapter and if it is something you want to be apart of forever. You may see open-ritual from chapters, which can be helpful in your decision. This day will be very short followed by signing your MRABA and the reveal party


HELPFUL TIP - if there is something you're conflicted about its ok and encouraged to share that with the sister. We are not trying to persuade you this day but just help you finish the journey. You can also have these more intimate conversations with your Pi Chi as they are a member of this community and can help you figure out the best choice for you!


Think of your Sunday best - or a casual cute dress will do just fine! You should avoid wearing a white or black dress as chapters will most likely wear one of these two colors.

4. Day Four - BID DAY

  • Bid day is the best day because -hopefully- you'll be running home to the chapter you dreamt about and get to go have a great celebration with all of your new soon-to-be sisters! Sisters work year round to prepare for recruitment so we LOVE getting to chill out with the new pledge class and enjoy meeting everyone. It will definitely be a little over-whelming, as sorority girls are incredibly elated on bid day. They'll want to take so many pictures and throw your new hand sign a million times. Enjoy it, make new friends, go out of your comfort zone. This is what you've worked so hard for this week!! Get ready for the next 4-5 years of your life because they will be the best moments of your college experience.


You will be given a t-shirt from your new chapter after you run home! For this day its best to wear a tank top and a cute (classy) pair of jean shorts! PLUS IT'S HOT OUTSIDE!!


  • KSU Panhellenic tries incredibly hard during recruitment to ensure you have the best and most authentic experience so that you can do what is best for you. If for some chance you are apart of the small group who doesn't end up in your choice sorority, IT IS OK! You should still go and enjoy bid day, like I mentioned before, they're so excited for Y-O-U! Try to make friends and get to know the chapter on a more personal level and you may fall in love with the chapter, so give it some time. You can spend your new member period getting to know sisters and about the chapter and if by the time initiation comes you still think its not for you, you are allowed to drop and re-rush one calendar year later if you want.

What's Next??

Be the BEST member you can be and never stop pushing yourself to do more than you think is possible! It might be a little rocky at first but keep trying, I promise it's worth it!

We're so excited to meet you all!


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