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The Importance of Sisterhood in Sororities & The Benefits of Joining a Sorority

Written by Addison Hoard


Pictured above is the Delta Phi Epsilon Chapter of Kennesaw State University

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What is Sisterhood?

Sisterhood can have many definitions depending on what scenario it is defined in. The Oxford dictionary defines sisterhood as ‘an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.’ If you have ever been in a club with a bunch of women that accounts as a sisterhood with common interest and a wanting to be there. Sororities follow that same definition as they accept any woman for who they are and create a common interest amongst others in or joining the sorority.

What is the the Importance of Sisterhood in Sororities?

Sisterhood is the most fundamental thing for sororities to have. Depending on the sorority each chapter has different values they look for in the people they allow to join their sisterhood. A couple examples would be for Kappa Delta, they value friendship & loyalty, personal integrity, lifelong learning, and selfless service and for Zeta Tau Alpha they strive for friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity, and community. But amongst all the chapters that make up the College Panhellenic Councils they want people who will make a difference and create a positive space that can help make their sisterhood strong!

“To me, sisterhood means lots of different things. Not only have I been able to make long-lasting friends and network to prepare for my career, but I have also found a sense of accountability and loyalty. Being able to have sisters celebrate me during my high points and uplift me during my low points has been something I will cherish forever. Being in a sisterhood allows us to celebrate each other for who we truly are, no matter what! My chapter has given me so many opportunities to better myself and our Panhellenic & KSU community,” says Maggie Fason.

Sisterhood is not just something that is specific for sororities, sisterhood is a great bond between women who all come together. It is important that the environment created amongst big groups of women are positive and uplifting and that is the main priority amongst all organizations no matter where you go.

Core Values of Sisterhood

Scholastic, Social, Character, Dignity, Courage, Peace, Leadership, Service to Community, Justice, Love, Labor, Loyalty, Truth, Lifetime Learning, Honor, Wisdom, Responsibility, Philanthropy, and Commitment.

What are some of the Benefits of Joining a Sorority?

Of course, the first thing noted about joining a sorority is the friendships you will make but there are many more things that come with joining a sorority. Networking, leadership, and acceptance are some of the many things that Greek life has to offer to those who join the community. The feeling of belonging is one of the reasons a sorority is called a home away from home. Finding people who are like you, and you can go when needed for almost anything that you may need. Your sisters can help you build your confidence and make you stronger. These same sisters can have connections to a possible job or internship you are looking to apply for and help you get with those said employers.

Within all sororities there are leadership roles you can do that can show you how it feels to be in a role that people look up too. The most notable one would be the president of the sorority, or even the Panhellenic council, who all chapters and councils get to talk with and is the person many look for in the chapter. Every chapter has different roles you can join so over your course in the sorority you will learn about each possession and be able to apply to become that chair or executive position if you want to experience it. Those are just some of the benefits of joining a sorority and there are many more you would need to experience to learn about them!

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