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Sorority Recruitment: Tips and Tricks

Written by Addison Hoard and Erica Winter


When? Where? And What is Formal Recruitment?

Formal recruitment at Kennesaw State University is August 8th through the 12th on the Kennesaw campus and the application closes August 5th. Now, what is formal recruitment? Formal recruitment is a weeklong process where Potential New Members (PNMs) meet all the chapters and go through the process of finding the sorority that best suits them.

Each day of recruitment is different with the first day being orientation, second day being Philanthropy, third day is Sisterhood, the fourth day being preference and the last day being bid day. Orientation is where PNMs meet the recruitment teams and the president. Philanthropy day is where you will get to learn about each sorority’s philanthropy and philanthropic partner. The sisterhood round is where you will learn more about the sisterhood of the chapters and by this time you will have chosen your top four sororities. Then on preference day you will have picked your top two sororities and during this time you will get to learn about a member of the chapters story and why they joined their chapter. Last and final day is Bid Day where you will run home to your top sorority and be able to have fun and meet your new sisters.

Tips for going through Recruitment and Advice from the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment!

When going through recruitment you will want to have certain things on hand. Water, a snack, your phone, personal care items you may need, and for preference day maybe a fun activity to do while waiting. Always be sure to communicate with your pi chi or any of the available Panhellenic and or recruitment staff if there is anything you need or want to talk about.

Below is more advice for formal recruitment

My advice for going through recruitment as Panhellenic’s Vice President of Recruitment:

As cheesy as it sounds be yourself! Don’t try to fake a conversation or be someone you aren’t. By being yourself you give yourself the opportunity to find people that you match with. It’s okay if you don’t click with every women you meet. In a community of over 1,000 women it is difficult to connect with everyone and that is okay! Try to go into the process with no preconceived ideas. If you have heard rumors negative or positive throw them out the window you truly never know how to you will feel until you give each room you walk into equal opportunity. Remember to tune out the noise. During recruitment week you will most likely hear other PNMs talking about their experiences with chapters. Please remember that those individual experiences are just that INDIVIDUAL experiences. If you love a sorority and another PNM doesn’t that is totally okay!! Don’t let others opinions influence your own. Take care of yourself! This week can sometimes be stressful. It’s okay to take time for yourself to take care of yourself. Get rest, eat plenty, and stay hydrated! If you are going through recruitment as an upperclassman my advice is still the same as all of the above with one addition. Joining after your first year doesn’t mean you get a different experience. Your experience in this process has just as much value and we are so excited you made the decision to go through this process. Don’t forget to lean on your Pi Chi or Panhellenic Council. Lastly, HAVE FUN!! This is an experience of a lifetime, live in the moment, and go outside of your comfort zone! You never know what could happen:)

Panhellenic Love Always,

Erica Winter

If you have any other questions please reach out to the the Vice President of Recruitment, Erica Winter, and the Director of Recruitment Operations Mia Bazalar, using the emails listed below.

VP of Recruitment:

Director of recruitment Operations:

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