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Recruitment Guide 2022: What to Wear

We are just a few months from Recruitment, and Panhellenic couldn't be any more excited! Here is a guide we put together to show what is appropriate for the days of recruitment. Just a reminder that you don't have to go out and purchase the exact clothing items we use as examples or new clothes in general, use them as inspiration! It's completely up to you what colors and styles of items you feel your most comfortable and confident in!


Here's your guide on how to dress for Recruitment, and remember; be true to who you are!


Get excited because Orientation is in -person this year! A casual outfit is okay, but remember to be present and ready to learn more about Recruitment.


Philanthropy day will be the first day you meet all the chapters! You will be provided the shirt below and can pair it with some nice bottoms and comfy shoes. Its important to be comfortable in what you wear because you will be on your feet the entire day, so make sure to have an extra pair of comfy shoes to wear during rounds if you don't want to walk in your nicer shoes!

*Reminder that you cannot alter the shirt in any way*

2022 Philanthropy Shirt:



Sisterhood day usually calls for a range of fun outfits, and remember that it's completely up to you what colors and styles of items you want to wear. We recommend anything from sundresses, rompers, jumpsuits, pants and a blouse, or a skirt and a nice shirt! However, please refrain from wearing crops tops if you decide to go the pants/skirt route. It's important to note that you are formally dressing to join a sorority, not a night out. Whatever you will feel most comfortable wearing all day is exactly what you should wear!



Preference day is the most dressy day of the week and the last day before Bid day!! We would suggest dresses, jumpsuits, or nice pants/skirt + shirt; basically think of nice interview or appropriate cocktail attire. Again, please feel free to wear whatever colors you want!


DAY 5 - BID DAY!!!

Whoop whoop for Bid Day!!! This day you get a shirt from the sorority you get a bid from so we suggest for you to wear just an easy to cover shirt or a shirt you don't mind losing, as well as some cute comfy bottoms! Its not required but many individuals do wear shorts or some type of skirt on this day just because of how hot it is.



Thank you for reading! We hope this helped you prepare for what to wear during Recruitment! As always, if you have any questions, please email

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