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6 Real Benefits of the Sorority Experience

Is it really worth it?

Whenever we make decisions, there's always a part of us that wants to know if it is really worth the time, money, effort, etc.

And that's completely valid.

So if you're on the fence on whether or not to join a sorority, here are some of the amazing things that sorority life can bring you:

1. Lifelong Friendships

The obvious thing that a sorority can bring you is friends. Every chapter on campus has over 100 girls in it, and they will all be excited to have you as a sister! With being a new member to a sorority, that also means that you will get a Big, who is meant to be a big sister figure to you as you navigate your journey through the new member process. You'll also have your entire pledge class who you can meet and bond with while you go through the same experience.

Women can find their study buddies, their roommates, and even their bridesmaids when they join sororities.

You don't have to stick to the women in just your chapter, either. Branching out and meeting other Panhellenic women is one of the best things you can do!

2. Leadership

Within each sorority, there are tons of opportunities to get involved. This includes holding a leadership position in both your chapter and outside of it. Each chapter has their own form of an executive council, like president, treasurer, and membership, as well as chairs for different committees, like banners, t-shirts, academics, and philanthropy. Even if you don't hold that specific position, you can still be involved!

Outside of your own chapter are lots of opportunities, as well. Some examples would include Panhellenic Council, Pi Chis, Greek Programming Board, and Order of Omega.

Reminder: leadership looks great on applications!

3. Community service and involvement

With each sorority comes their involvement in the community, especially when it comes to their philanthropies. Each sorority holds events throughout the semester to raise money and awareness for their philanthropies. There are even tablings on campus, where the chapters will hand out things or sell goods to raise money. All of the Panhellenic chapters have raised a substantial amount of money doing their events.

4. Focus on academics

Sometimes you need a little extra push to stay motivated in your academics, and sororities definitely can help with that. We take pride in having on of the highest average GPAs of any organization on KSU's campus. There are study groups and times in the libraries where chapters are there to help keep each other on track. It also helps when you have sisters in the same classes so you can study together!

5. Networking

When you meet more people, you make more connections. This can definitely help within the job force! Sisters can help with recommendations and references to potential employment or even internships. Networking doesn't just have to be with just your sisters; it can include your chapters' alumnae or sisters from other chapters around the country!

6. Social involvement

Greek life is a social club, so here are so many things to keep yourself busy in a sorority. There are sisterhoods, philanthropy events, mixers, formals, semi-formals, retreats, and the list goes on! If you're nervous about starting college, or even if you've been in college, and you just want to branch out, meet more people, and have a memorable college experience, Greek life if a great way to go!

Make the best decision of your college career, go greek at Kennesaw State!

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