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5 Reasons to Go Greek

Recruitment registration for Fall 2021 is now open! Meaning if you weren't already convinced that Greek Life is the best way to spend your next four years at Kennesaw State, Panhellenic Council speaks on our top five reasons to Go Greek.


1. The Best Community

Our community is home to over 1,000 empowered women. By signing up for recruitment, you can expect to find your home away from home and a place to be your most authentic self.

"The Panhellenic experience from the second you start 'rush' surrounds you with women, all kinds of them. I’ve met girls I think without being in greek life I would have never crossed paths with and my life would be without such color otherwise. Being in your chapter you get to watch girls run for and hold positions for things they love and have real passion for. I am so grateful for that in my own ways because it showed me parts of myself I might not have learned while being in college. An experience in greek life, across all councils, introduces you to ladies you would have never imagined meeting and I promise it is for the better!!" — Elsa Clements, PR Director

"When I first joined the Panhellenic community, I was expecting it to be how everyone outside of it describes it. They tell you that the community is full of women who are all the same and have no personality, but that is completely false. In the past year of joining Greek life at KSU I have met so many people. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions and being in a sorority has allowed me to become a more educated woman in all of these areas because of the people that are now in my life. This community allows for all these strong people to come together and create an environment where everyone is treated the same and even though we don’t all share the same letters we all share the desire to make change and help the community around us and that’s what makes Panhellenic one of the most amazing things to be a part of." — Amber Anderson, Recruitment Counselors Director

2. Networking Opportunities

Within Greek Life, you have the opportunity to make hundreds of connections to extend your network.

"I have received numerous networking opportunities being in my chapter. I am wanting to be a physical therapist and there are alumna sisters that have helped me with the process. Some have gotten me in contact with healthcare professionals and people who could help further my career choice. Being in my chapter has created so many opportunities for me." — Makayla Favors, Membership Director

3. Get involved in Philanthropy

KSU College Panhellenic Council represents seven National Panhellenic Conference sororities, each with their own cause they support. However, you are not limited to just one cause, our community supports each other's philanthropies! Whether that be through donations, buying t-shirts, or showing out at other sororities events!

"Joining Greek life gave me a sense of being apart of something bigger than myself, especially when doing philanthropy work. I have a deep personal connection to my sorority’s philanthropy, Autism Speaks, because I work with kids who are on the autism spectrum and have family members who are as well. Being apart of my chapter has given me so many opportunities to get involved in autism advocacy and I am so thankful for it." — Faith Greer, Recruitment Director of Operations

Make sure to check out our "chapters" portion of our website to get to know each chapters philanthropy!

4. Leadership Opportunities

Each sorority has their own leadership teams with an array of different positions open to sisters to apply for. You are able to learn many valuable skills while also supporting the chapter and paving the way for others.

Greek life has given me so many wonderful opportunities in leadership. When I first became a member in my organization, I immediately wanted to immerse in leadership opportunities. Toward the end of my freshman year, our chapter president pushed me to apply for the Student Government Association Senator for Fraternity and Sorority Life. She believed that she saw something in me and greatly encouraged me to put myself out there. Months later, I was sworn in the organization and began hitting the ground running in my position. In the process of serving my term in SGA, I helped the organization revise senator bylaws and helped establish a good relationship between SGA and the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life. I have learned so many amazing things about our Greek Life as well as added the honor of serving as the Panhellenic Vice President of Membership. During my time holding both of these positions, I have learned how to work together with leaders across campus and advocating for those who do not feel as though they are being heard by authorities. One of my most proud moments serving in these roles is working with our council in reconstructing the current College Panhellenic bylaws as well as making the Senator of Fraternity and Sorority Life an official position on the Kennesaw State University Leadership Team. I have truly cherished my experiences serving the community and highly encourage members to get involved!" — Katie McCroskey

"Joining Greek Life at KSU has exceeded my expectations in every way, one major benefit for me personally is the leadership opportunities. When I first stepped into my position as VP Communications for my chapter, the idea of leading and representing 150+ women via social media was terrifying. But with the support of my sisters and leadership training, I now confidently represent over 1000 empowered women in Panhellenic in my position. If I hadn't gone greek, I would have never been able to step into my most confident self as leader and gain this much valuable experience." — Kate Litsch, Vice President of Public Relations

5. Lifelong Friends

Greek Life is incredible for networking, getting involved in philanthropy, and leadership, but the friends you make along the way is what makes this experience so unique and special.

"Before I went through recruitment, I had no idea what to expect. But through my experience in joining my chapter, I met my big and grand big. Without them in my life, I wouldn't have grown into my most authentic self. They encouraged me to join Panhellenic, then I met more people and built friendships with them, these are the women I will have in my life forever and have have shaped me into the independent and strong woman I am today." — Kate McCormack, Recruitment Director of Logistics

"In my chapter I have truly met the women who will stand by me in my life! I have lost boyfriends, long term friends and gone through true loss with some of these ladies already by my side. I can confidently say that my organization has given me the friendships i will always remember and cherish! I am incredibly grateful for my big, littles, and friends because with out them college would be seemingly impossible. Besides the events and the tailgates, these are the girls i cry too at 3am. They are the women building me up when I have forgotten who i am and what i am worth. i wouldn’t trade them for the world!!"

— Elsa Clements, PR Director

"Joining the Panhellenic community was honestly something I would have never seen myself doing when I was in high school. When I transferred to Kennesaw, I didn’t have but one or two friends from high school that went here as well, and I was looking for ways to get involved and make lasting friendships. When I went through informal recruitment in the Spring of 2020, I didn’t know what to expect, but I soon found a group of women that I connected with on a deeper level. These women continue to support me no matter what and made me happy to be who I am. My chapter and the Panhellenic community as a whole has brought me together with so many amazing women. I know that one day when I look back on my college life and tell my kids and grandkids stories that some of these amazing women I have met will already be in their lives and make the stories mean a little more."

— Amber Anderson, Recruitment Counselors Director


Thank you for reading! We can't wait to welcome you into our community with open arms!

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