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The College Panhellenic Council represents eight sororities at Kennesaw State University. The executive board is comprised of ten women from our community. 


Hawley Penfold

Panhellenic President

Hawley is a senior majoring in public relations. Her goals as the 2023 Panhellenic President are... 



As President I preside over all Panhellenic meetings and special meetings; oversee Council Officer duties; assists officers with duties when needed or asked; filter email requests from companies and other student organizations; keep FSL Director updated on Panhellenic; coordinate roundtables with Presidents; serve as liaison with University Administration; complete NPC Annual Report; attend monthly meetings with Panhellenic Advisor; hold semesterly one on one meetings with each member on council; work directly with the Vice President of Recruitment to assist with recruitment; attends other council executive board meetings once a month; assist in keeping all Panhellenic registration up-to-date.

Sofija Lazic

Vice President of Membership


Sofija is a Junior majoring in Elementary Education. Her goal as the Vice President of Memebership is to plan events to bring the Panhellenic community closer together through educational programs.


As Vice President of Membership I oversee activities if the  President is unable to be in attendance; plan Panhellenic Progressive function; plan and supervise at least one philanthropy program, community service opportunity, or fundraiser each semester; keep CPC up-to-date on all chapter philanthropic events; educate members on University and Panhellenic expectation and requirements; assist active and new members toward striving academic potential; provide recognition to collegiate members who earned a 4.0 the previous semester; act as chairman of Membership Committee.


Abby Elie

Vice President of Administration


Abby is a Senior majoring in Accounting


As Vice President of Administration I oversee the Panhellenic Delegates; Serve as the reservation delegate for CPC; work with President to update bylaws and apply for any awards as needed; create and maintains the Panhellenic budget and allotment of funds; oversee all incoming and outgoing Panhellenic funds; disseminates the budget to the delegates to be voted upon at the beginning of each semester; record minutes and attendance of all Panhellenic meetings; filter excuses; keep record of changes made to any Panhellenic document such as bylaws, recruitment rules, or code of ethics; oversees the file preservation; disseminate all Panhellenic related material to necessary entities.

Erica Winter

Vice President of Recruitment

Erica is a Senior majoring Integrated Health Science.



As Vice President of Recruitment I oversee the planning and execution of recruitment; coordinate recruitment round tables with recruitment chairs, Panhellenic executive council, and chapter recruitment advisors; creates, collect, and distribute information from post recruitment survey. I also serve as a liaison between University officials as they pertain to the safe and organized functioning of Recruitment processes.


Grace Weeks

Vice President of Recruitment Counselors

Grace is a Junior double majoring in Nursing and Public Health Education. Her goal as Vice President of Recruitment Counselors is to help her team of Pi Chi's grow and help PNM's find their homes!



As Vice President of Recruitment Counselors I oversee the selection and training of Pi Chi Recruitment Counselors for the 2022 year; plan and hold monthly meetings for Pi Chi's in the Spring Semester and frequently through the Summer; plan the Disaffiliation dinner and Pi Chi Recruitment Retreat; work with the VP of Standards on Pi Chi standards issues and in planning and executing the New Member Symposium.

Vice President of Public Relations

Brooke Chaskin

Brooke is a senior majoring in Sociology with a medical concentration. Her goals as Panhellenic’s 2023 Vice President of Public Relations is to unite our Panhellenic community through all things public relations from our merchandise to our social media efforts. I want to ensure that every chapter is represented equally and our community is always seen in a positive light. 



As the Vice President of Public Relations it is my responsibility to oversee the social media presence of Panhellenic; plan and implement all aspects of presentation for tabling events; create recruitment promotional flyers and the recruitment manual; as well as design all Panhellenic apparel and items. I also maintain the Panhellenic website and blog.


Brooke Beaty

Vice President of Standards

Brooke is a Junior majoring in electrical engineering. 



As Vice President of Standards I serve as the risk management officer; chair the CPC Standards Board; lead and arranges all mediations and judicial hearings with the board members and CPC President; disperse any infraction notifications; ensure all women follow recruitment rules as well as unanimous agreements set by NPC; plan and execute the Fall New Member Symposium.

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Coco Carleton

Coco is a Freshman majoring Professional Sales. 



Coco oversees the DEI committee and works closely with the VPPR to help update the website's DEI tracker. This position also helps create partnerships with campus and community entities to promote new and existing opportunities and programming to the community. Coordinate with all College Panhellenic officers to bring awareness of equity, inclusion, and diversity to all areas of Panhellenic operations. This will include reviewing all College Panhellenic operations such as recruitment, governing documents, officer selection, finances, etc. to improve accessibility and inclusivity and helps create, or coordinate, affinity spaces for marginalized members of the community.




The Directors Board is comprised of 5 women who assist their respective Vice President. 

Director of Content and Marketing

Addie Hoard


Addie is a sophomore majoring in graphic design. Her goals as Director of Content and Marketing is to better represent all the chapters in a good light via social media and make sure PNMs and chapter members have access to all things Panhellenic online. 


As Membership Director I aid my Vice President in the planning and execution of all beneficial internal and external programing. This is including but not limited to programs that focus on such Panhellenic values as academic excellence, mental well-being, physical health, etc. Additionally, I am involved in any community service or philanthropic opportunities to keep CPC involved in the community.

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Recruitment Operations Director

Ruby Robinson


Ruby is a junior majoring in public relations. Her goals as Recruitment Operations Director is to help create a well organized and structure recruitment and help with any recruitment needs.


As Recruitment Operations Director I aid my Vice President in securing Recruitment room reservations, arranging meals, keeping Recruitment on schedule, and all other operations regarding the planning and execution of Formal Recruitment.

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